Friday, August 13, 2010

TSA - Saving the World

A few things:
1. I got some coffee in Houston today (I had a 3 hour lay over there) and went to sit down in the corner. As I am sitting this group of 15+ people is having a mass exodus moment (btw they were all a part of some mission trip and wearing the same tshirt - so it looked more dramatic then necessary) because some unidentified man had left some unidentified cardboard box at a table near them. One of them had alerted a TSA official who RAN over and started YELLING that everyone should BACK AWAY from the box. It was so out of control, I couldn't help but laugh. Of course, I laughed quietly because I did NOT want to be that dumby who gets pulled into some random room to be questioned for 239739820 hours.

But I did choose to sit and wait it out. Pretty entertaining, to say the least. There was radios, two-way transmitters, cell phones, yelling, rubber gloves, flashlights (no joke - in a well lit airport at 5PM), amongst other obviously necessary tools. Super cool, TSA. P.S. if that crap had been a bomb, none of those "tools" would have done anything.

Here's some documentation of the box. Unfortunately I did not see the conclusion as I was asked to "clear the area" while they investigated. The poor guy probably got sick from flying and was just in the bathroom for an extended time. Am I going to go to jail for this?

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