Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ACT Pre-test

Today I am giving the ACT as a diagnostic exam. I want my students to see their growth over the next year, and this is one of the ways I'll be showing them. It is a dismal site so far, unfortunately.

Class averages:
English III: 12
Pre-AP English II: 14
English III: 13
English III: 9

I mean, I guess it gives us something to work on right? In Arkansas if you get a 19 you get $5,000 a year for FREE through the Arkansas Lottery Scholarship. Free Free Free Free Free Free. What that money could do for these kids? Get them somewhere. So many of our students need the money, and give up when they don't have that option. This needs to improve greatly in my classes. With some work IT WILL. I promise (fingers crossed too though).

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