Monday, August 9, 2010

New Big Goal: 5K, 10K, 1 Month

I am committing to another activity, some running. It can only be a good thing right? With the exception of my knees maybe. Today three fun things happened in regards to this new running sitch....

1. I downloaded a power hour mix for my running. I know that makes me sound like an alcoholic, BUT it's actually a good idea for me because..... now I know my intervals for running based on the music changing! Today I ran for 5 minute intervals with one minute walking and didn't have to constantly be checking my phone (and therefore giving myself and excuse to walk! haha).

2. I ran about 2.5 miles in what I later found out was easily 110+ degrees. A man stopped his car and asked me if I wanted a ride home because I "shouldn't be out in this heat." I probs should have taken it!

3. I tried to sign up for the Greenwood, MS (for the second time) 10k!! I am excited!

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