Thursday, August 5, 2010


Who is SO EXCITED? This girl! We officially have two new Corps Members at C High School! Yah, I wish it was 10, maybe even 15 - but I can take two. We were told that we weren't going to have any new CMs because of budget cuts and because there was no positions open, but obviously that changed a little this summer.

Our first new CM will be teaching science, including biology, a state tested subject. She will also be helping me coach basketball for Sr. High and I will be assisting her with Jr. High! For you loyal followers, you know how hard Jr. High basketball was for me last year (lots of headaches and frustration) so this is a huge load off my shoulders.

Our second new CM will be teaching Spanish and some History classes. I am SO excited about this one.  We have been teaching Spanish as distance learning in C the last few years, something that I don't think is effective or interesting for the students. Now they are going to have a real person standing in front of them working through things at the pace they need to go at. This is a huge development and this placement just happened in the last week! I think this will be a great change for C. AND if the rooms stay the same, we will now have 4 TFA in our lovely little hallway, and a total of 7 at C High School. YAYYYY!!! Love it!

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