Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last Day of Freedom

Here it officially is: the last day of complete freedom. Professional development for the entire district begins tomorrow. We have to go to an Arkansas Department of Education training exercise for the next three days. Yuck.

This year I need to pass my Praxis Pedagogy and Praxis Practical exams. The first is a test based on students in a perfect environment, with perfect study habits, etc. and I answer questions about learning in this imaginary place (because we certainly know that isn't C!). The second test, someone comes to my classroom and observes me while I teach a lesson. I am then rated on like 17 gazillion categories.

BUT on a great note: after these tests are over - I am a licensed teacher for 5 years! And Arkansas has reciprocity with something like 35 other states, meaning if I ever need a job after this experience, I will be able to at least substitute teach in the interim. Exciting!

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