Sunday, October 17, 2010

Progress! Progress!

Finally finished grading my 9 weeks exam and there are some GREAT results. You can really tell the kids are trying...

Reading levels:
Diagnostic exam: average 6.7 (this means 6th grade reading level, 7 months into the year)
9 Weeks exam: 8.04
Goal for the entire year: 8.6

Obviously, I did not make them grow that much in 9 weeks, but it most surely shows that they are more invested in the test and are working harder. Now, at the end of the next 9 weeks, we will really be able to see true growth. I am happy they are working!

ACT Reading scores:
Diagnostic exam: average 12.35
9 Weeks exam: 13.61
Goal for the entire year: 15. 35

This one doesn't look as great for a few reasons. First, a goal of a 15 is not so good nationally, but still it's 4 points growth on average and if they continue that trend....they could eventually get up to about a 20 in their senior year. Second, the growth wasn't AS big, but still significant in my opinion. I am satisfied with it.

Overall trends: Only 2 students went down in reading level from the last time. And only 3 students scored the same or lower on their ACT score! Good news for this 9 weeks!

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