Monday, October 18, 2010

Driver's Seat

That advice I gave myself: It worked! Today I probably had the best day I have had the entire year.

Today I did four things:
1. Handed back my students their ACT, graded
2. Made them do a reflection on that ACT score compared to their first score
3. Conferenced with every student individually regarding their ACT score and their personal goals in the class
4. Talked with each student about their STAR reading score and how it has improved since the beginning of the year

Again, I already shared those results with you, but it was an amazing/awesome/learning/invigorating experience to really show the kids and give them concrete feedback on what their progress is. I had four students start crying because they thought they did really badly, but in fact all of them had gone up significantly. This was such a motivational tool for myself and for the students. It is clear the investment is high, something I am AMPED up about.

Thanks again for reading, and following me on this journey! :)

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