Monday, October 4, 2010

Love Minneapolis, Love Good Friends

O-M-G this weekend was pretty perfect. Such great friends, such a relaxing atmosphere, such FUN TIMES. Love. Love. Love.

Some highlights:
1. Friday. All of it. Every moment.
2. Again purchasing tickets to a Gopher game and NOT LASTING a 1/2. So bored. Yet always go back?
3. Roaming with Abbs around the mall doing nothing. Per usual.
4. Lots of photos, of lots of things.
5. City life City life City life
6. Minneapolis city life
7. Reuniting with CRAZY coincidences!! Old roomies, old coworkers, old study abroad friends. Yay!
8. Being with some besties.

Thanks to EVERYONE who was a part of it!!!! I am coming back ASAP

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