Monday, May 31, 2010

Winding Down

Last week on Wednesday through Friday the students had complete control of our schools productivity. Apparently, they had decided that the school year was over. In my largest class I had 80% of students absent, and had at least 60% absent in every other class. I could not believe it!

The rampant absenteeism completely dibilitated my attempt to teach a quick unit (7 days in length) on vocabulary (something that we had already a slight review). I now have (maybe) some students coming for an exam next week and they haven't even been at school to get the unit calendar, the study guide, the notes, etc. And to top it off, most of the students who missed are students who needed to be there because this final exam grade is worth 20% of their semester grade!

I am anticipating a lot of either two things: 1. a lot of whining because they didn't "get a fair chance" to study for the exam OR 2. just a lot of people not showing up! At this point I'm not sure which one is worse for the students. I guess if they show up, they'll at least have a few points?

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