Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the last few moments

It is the seniors last week of school! I am trying to reflect on that experience, and I can't really place the excitement and anticipation that these seniors have. For me, their experience is so different. I feel sad for many that are not moving onto something else. Whether that be a job or schooling of some sort, many of these students are not moving onto anything. So, why are they so excited to get out? To go home and not do anything?

This is something I can NOT compare to my experience. First, I was beyond sad to leave my friends, staff, and memories associated with DSHA. Then from there my excitement was huge to have a summer job and relax in the warm weather. Finally, beyond those few months of relaxation I had something else to look forward to: COLLEGE! How exciting were all of these things to come in the future - a new place to live, new friends, new life experiences, new learning.

For me, these students that are graduating and not taking these steps have been failed. They are not failing, but someone along the way did not give them that interest or invest them in that ultimate experience. College, especially at the ages of 18-24 are HUGE! FUN, hard, whatever it is....it's college. And that is something not everyone necessarily needs to have...but then they need to move onto a great JOB or a great STARTER SCHOOL. SOMETHING. There needs to be that feeling of accomplishment or working towards something that will inspire these students for their years in high school.

Maybe my first and second year of high school were not as college focused...but I did know there was something at the end of this long road ahead of me. SOMETHING unattainable was there. Then my third and fourth year I knew what that something was. If we can build that anticipation in these students then I know that there could be a major difference in their production henceforth.

Now the question is....how will I do this? Suggestions? hahaah BIG GOALS

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