Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some Success

As mentioned earlier this week, today was my big End of Year conversation. Although this year has really been a struggle emotionally and has been a big challenge of endurance, commitment, and continually increasing effectiveness, there have also been some highs. Talking with my Program Director I have realized that those highs are what I need to focus on for my students and I's sanity and success. These successes when highlighted have meant a lot to a lot of individual students.

In that spirit, I think I need to practice more positive reinforcement with my students and myself. And I am going to do that right now. So please, ignore my self-indulgence for a few lines!

1. We met "significant gains" this year and exceeded our goal with an average of 199 on the ACTAAP test (our goal was 197)
2. We had no special education students recieve a Below Basic level on the ACTAAP
3. Only one student was below basic, an improvement from 7 last year
4. 12% increase from students at basic moving up to proficient (a passing score)
5. The highest number of proficient students in 6 years!!
6. 79.5% mastery of objectives throughout the 4 quarters (according to my tracker...something to be improved on)

Personal Success:
1. Hired as an ICEG leader for a group of new Corps members next year
2. Hired as a Fall Course Leader for High School English teachers!
3. Development Fellows (WOOT U of M Foundation paying off) for TFA next year
4. Passed my bus driving tests!! Proud CDL owner... (well, maybe not proud enough to drive anything)
5. Successfully coached a winning season for Sr. High, and struggled immensely with Jr. High (still think there is a special place in heaven for all 5-8 teachers everywhere)
6. Saved some money ....finances not my strong point
7. Made some new friends and explored a pretty beautiful part of America!
8. Got a couch, rug, and table donated through the DonorsChoose.org organization

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