Sunday, May 16, 2010

The facts show success!

I know I wrote about the EOC test results back already...but there is more to tell. As you know, pretty much the reason I am here is to get these kids to do well on their test scores. Well, when I originally got the scores back you could find me in the library hiding in the back corner crying because I thought we had done horribly.

BUT I was in fact wrong! I know, now after reflecting for awhile, that you can change something in one year. We are making steps towards a bigger change that will take much longer. Here is the good news:

1. We met safe harbor (which means we had ENOUGH proficient students that the state will not intercept)
2. 18 students were proficient (which is GREAT for those kids :) )
3. Every special education student made at least basic (which isn't proficiency, but a huge improvement from below basic)
4. There was only 1 student that was below basic in the entire testing class (last year there was 6 or 7)
5. By Teach for America standards my classroom did make "significant gains" by reaching an average of 197 for the entire class (200 is proficiency - we are SO close!!!). The goal was to make a 195 (a 12% increase from last year).

Good thoughts, good thoughts! Now, to get through these next three weeks!

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