Wednesday, August 19, 2009


First day: CHECK
2nd first day of teaching: CHECK
Success over Houston: YESSSS

Dang. I am t.i.r.e.d. Woooo, it's over! There were storms last night here in Arkansas, like torrential rain pour. As some of my friends from home know, I am pretty superstitious. So as I fell asleep last night (under my dream catcher) I thought, oh crap. The day went well though! Got up super early, got ready super quick, marinated for 10 minutes debating what was more worth it (getting there 30 minutes earlier then planned or over thinking things while pacing in my room). I decided to go school, but I drove slowly!

Anyway, school was good. Students were decent, quiet, and respectable in most instances. My first class will be the hardest (18 total), a few classes will be simple and fun (3 students in one!), basketball practice will be interested (6 students on the team...???) and other classes were debatable (we'll see how those play out).

I had one incident today that was frustrating. A student used the n-word while speaking to another black student. I freaked out at him like whoa. I talked to him in the hallway and sent him towards the Principal's office. For me, this was the right choice. I feel good about it, I need to set that precedent right away. That word and others will not be tolerated in my classroom whether you're addressing a fellow student, a friend, a teacher, etc. My rule will be: can you say it to your mother? can you say it to your Principal? can you say it to a cop? I think that's fair.

I got some pushback on that from other teachers. They said that it's something they say and I should get used to it but say "hey guys, lets not do that." That, to me, is not okay? I don't know, I realize it is a cultural difference but really?? no. I think in my classroom that is just what is going to happen. Straight to the Principal with any language like that.

I'd love feedback on this, as I am a little concerned I am being too block headed. Thanks everyone!

I don't mean to focus on a negative -- it was a GREAT day. TFA did a great job telling me I should teach high school, because I did not agree originally. But now being with some of these students I understand why I should be at this level. I want to show them what this learning does. And what it does is translate into intelligence that will be used within 3 or 4 years. It's necessary!!! And THAT is exciting.

Man oh man I've got lots of work to do!! Talk to ya'll soon!

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  1. The other teachers should not be telling you how to govern your classroom. Yes, advice from the more experienced is probably a good thing to heed, but they should not tell you what you should see as acceptable (and the n-word definitely is not). It is better to put your foot down now and show the class you will not tolerate it, than have the students later on think they can get away with these things (as you said yourself about your classes earlier this summer). Trust CBB.