Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pee Tests and Fire Drills

Today is parent-teacher open house! (but before that...another 6 hours of in-service) So, we arrive this morning at 8:30 to be greeted, sign in, and get our packets before the fire alarm went off. And then it went off...and off...and off...for 15 minutes! So, I think that the message was, "if you weren't awake then, you're awake now."

It's been an exciting morning so far. We are now watching movie clips discussing how inappropriate behavior in the classroom, because we all know that movies are like real life (that was sarcasm). After the fire drill was over we were working on some response questions and I was pulled for my first ever random drug test. I was tested LAST Wednesday at my physical and now again this week. I hate those tests!! I almost always (including both times in the last week) go to the bathroom right before I have to be tested. Last week they didn't tell me I had to get a drug test so of course I asked to go to the bathroom after being in the waiting room for two hours. Well, literally 10 minutes later I had to do the test and ...of course, I couldn't go to the bathroom. And the same thing just happened this morning, I chugged three water bottles and pushed through. Such a champ! Haha

On the plus side though, I have finished 90% of my syllabus and about 80% of my room.
Work hard, get smart! Woot Woot!

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