Saturday, August 1, 2009

the MOVE!


We're here...and now the real work begins! My parents have been gracious enough to stick around and help me through this heap of stuff (too much stuff, I know) that I own. Two cars full to be exact. The trip down was looooonnnnggg, man Illinois stinks. Straight down the entire state for 8.5 hours, not too much fun!

Since we've been here in Stuttgart we've put together the bed, a dresser, a bookshelf, and moved everything inside. The closet is packed (what's new right?). Every house I move into has a bigger closet, yet I am always able to fill it. And they don't even have a Goodwill here, so I can't give away my clothes, oh well too bad, so sad. I am going to post some pictures probably tomorrow night once the room is completely together.

I have flowered wallpaper, four windows (southern exposure = lots of natural light, YAY!), an attached bathroom (with a shower!), and a ceiling fan -- all really positive things! The house is MASSIVE. We have five bedrooms on the second floor, two bathrooms, a huge living space, and an entry way that leads into that space. On the first floor there is an old school parlor room, a dining room, living room, full kitchen with an island, one bathroom, and a laundry/cleaning room. Outside there is a wrap around L-shaped porch with furniture already here, a veggie garden, a wrap around drive-way and yes, we counted SEVEN doors into the house. The house was built in 1884...and the town was established in 1882! It's pretty old, but beautiful and beautifully kept up. We feel so lucky to have stumbled upon this.

Alright sorry to keep y'all waiting, pictures to come within the next 48 hours -- I promise!
Happy last few summer nights to everyone! :)

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  1. That sounds like my dream house.

    Or if our old house had two bathrooms that would've been good too.