Thursday, August 27, 2009


Side note: I told my students that if they don't have their homework the day it is due they can bring it in the next day. But, if they do not bring it in that next day they leave right away and go to the Principal.

Yesterday I had 15 students not turn in their homework. I predicted that 10 would go to the office today. And guess what... I was WRONG!! Every single student brought in their homework, even if it wasn't complete. This was SO great. I really think that having that responsibility and check system is great.

My Principal even came in each hour and asked if everyone had turned it in. When I confirmed it, he thanked every student for respecting me and bring it. What a great experience to have. The support I felt when he did that I think truly transferred the responsibility onto the students. If everyone holds high expectations ...things will change. Do not falter (that's my second lesson for today!) .

P.S. today we got Smartboard clickers!!!! Now each student can click in their answers and we can poll to see the what everyone is answering and if they understand it. It is like a built in check for life just got a little bit easier. Yay!

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  1. CBB, I'm so happy things are going so well! It's all because you are such a great teacher!!!