Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Classroom Decorations

So, I've been avoiding the inevitable...decorating my classroom. Now, let me briefly explain my point of view on this subject: LESS IS MORE. I hated walking into classrooms in middle, high school, and college that we're plastered with posters we never referenced or colored sheets of paper everywhere that made it feel more like a clown room then a classroom.

Okay rant over. In hindsight and as a result of these feelings I decided to opt for a understated feeling in my room that was still exciting but more interactive? I don't know. Basically not posters everywhere and corners of construction paper, tape, and glitter. Haha karma has come full circle because as I walked out of my classroom today (at 7PM after some major cleaning and "decorating") I noticed I have fallen into the trap: glitter letters, construction paper in THREE seperate parts of the room, AND two posters (one about Edgar Allen Poe -- my fav, and one about the Crucible -- I've never read that). I literally laughed out loud at myself. I walked in this morning with such an empowered thought process - "I will resist!! I will not put meaningless junk on the walls!! My kids are adults - they don't need distractors!"

Ah, yes Caitlin you sure resisted...2 hours.

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