Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Inservice, Part II

In-service, in-service, in-service...oh and in-service. Here we are, 50+ hours later! I had a great Monday this week. We started off our second week of work looking at the student handbook, procedures, and talking as a full staff at C. The staff introduced themselves, spoke out on issues that had not been consistently enforced last year, talked about important people to connect with, and other necessary details that I had not previously known.

Before yesterday I had really not known how/where/when/what the basics were to actually enforcing rules, creating/maintaining the culture and integrity of the school, and what the staff was actually like as a collective. Now, I feel like I am on my way. The faculty and staff here at C has been great. I especially love the people in the main office and the district office. The funds coordinator has been so willing to answer my pesky questions one after another, as has the rest of the staff that I have called about twice a day (probably about the same thing that I STILL didn't understand). One time I was in Wisconsin (a few weeks ago) and had some questions about insurance and I called Lisa (count it...) 4 times in one day! Haha man she must have been expecting a horrible person when I showed up to in-service a few days later! But she was wonderful! Every time she says have a lovely day, thank you for calling, we are so excited for you, etc.

I was reflecting on this when driving home from Little Rock [where I went to my first "teacher store" and got some much needed Whole Foods/Starbucks! :)]. I had a nice relaxing drive and just thought about what a nice transition this has been. Teach for America staff has been supportive and responsive, C has been more then I expected, the faculty has been welcoming and respectful of our abilities, my family has helped me beyond any expectations, and my fellow TFA network has been great.

I continue to think that I lead an extremely blessed life. I need to remember to thank all of these people continuously, as their efforts constantly put me at ease. [Thank you!]

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