Friday, August 7, 2009

First week of in-service -- CHECK!

I am slowly checking off all those pre-student tasks, and it's getting nerve racking! Ahhhh studeeennntss staring at you: 10 days!!

No, really it's not that scary. I am actually quite excited these days. I finally got a grasp on what I am teaching and the order/how I want to teach it. I was struggling with that for quite a few days, over thinking simple decisions that were obvious. For example, what order should I teach Am. Lit in? Well Caitlin, maybe you should teach it in chronological order. That took a few days to click. Duh.

Moving to a new city, being with new people, and transitioning into a professional setting has been a great ride thus far. But with so many new activities, people, and tasks, I have neglected to sit down and just reflect on what I am going to be doing in a few short days....teaching. The students are coming! The students will be learning!

C has been great thus far. An interesting mix of novice and veteran teachers all ready to learn, teach, and be leaders in the classroom. What a great movement. Education has a power I neglected to understand when in high school. I got it more and more throughout college and at Institute for TFA, but now it truly hits. These students do not know what you are teaching them...this is possibly their first interaction with a piece of literature. How are you going to make sure they understand and remember it? This is the task I now have to master.

I am finishing up my syllabus tonight, much more detail in it then the others provided as examples, but I feel like that makes me accountable and even better, the students accountable.

Wish me luck! :)

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  1. hahaha yes, the students WILL be learning. Gadeir would be proud.