Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ah, life in Arkansas

SOLID DAY Today. I accomplished SO MUCH. I ran many many many errands that were long overdue. It's been difficult to live in rural America the last two years. One situation that has been particularly ENRAGING -- trying to get contacts.

In this saga of a situation, I had my first appointment the first week of October. I found out I needed a new prescription and a new type of actual contact. I informed the receptionist that I would absolutely need to be back in before basketball season, because after that I was unavailable until February. Well, that didn't work. The eye doctor closes at 3:30, and is the ONLY eye doctor in town. I work 30 minutes away from Stuttgart (where the doctor is) and get out of work at 3:15. Do the math. I could literally never get to the doctor, whether I had basketball or not.

Ah, solution! The eye doctor comes to Clarendon every Tuesday. GREAT, I thought. Nope, the next available appointment (mind you, this is in October) ....was February. WTF. How is that EVEN POSSIBLE.

So, my new contacts come in. I say, I'll have my roommates go pick it up. No, they say. You have to come in to get them "fitted." WTF #2. What does that even mean. If they fit, I keep them. I can take care of that at home right? The answer is yes. I was rejected by that. As a result, today came and I still had not gotten my contacts fitted. Apparently the eye doctor got annoyed. I've received 6 mailings, numerous phone calls, and even one message via a coworker who is related to the doctor. Yet, through all of these messages (which I have responded to all of them) I was still not allowed to pick them up, send a roomie, come in for a "5 minute fitting" because I didn't have an appointment. Like, WHY ARE YOU SENDING ME STUFF WHEN YOU WONT LET ME COME IN.

Whatever. I had a snow day today and went in. And OF COURSE they were at lunch for an entire hour during the middle of the day. They had some woman working at the desk who wouldn't take my payment, wouldn't set an appointment up for me, wouldn't give me my contacts that were at the office. So annoying. So I just walked out and took a break for myself. Came back, got the contacts, asked them to mail me a copy of my prescription, and a copy of my itemized receipt. I am never going back. Ever.

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