Sunday, November 14, 2010

Student Death

We have had the unfortunate experience that no teacher wants to experience; a student was killed on Friday night. A sophomore special education student was hit be a truck on the highway and later passed away. Ending a tumultuous day at the High School (see the previous post), this student was a great addition to the student body and a native of the small town I teach in.

We went to the hospital to support another corps member and the family who were already there. It was pretty terrible to experience that first hand, as different parts of the family arrived. The student was apparently walking on the highway with his two cousins, one of which was at the hospital too, and a truck came around the curve in the town hitting him straight on. It was about 7PM when the accident occurred, so darkness had set in and the lack of street lights in our small towns I am sure was a contributing factor.

Very sad news, and I am not sure how the school is going to handle the situation. Do we have a vigil? Do we meet as a school? These are the moments that truly put things into perspective.

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