Monday, November 8, 2010


Today I realized there is only 5 more weeks until the first semester is over! Two more weeks until Thanksgiving, and three more after that before Christmas break. These kids have hopefully learned a few things, and there is not much time left to teach the rest.

I have my state exam in the first weeks of March, which means I only have about 12-13 more weeks of teaching/instructional time. It's an interesting perspective to have, as last year I had no ability to look past a week or two in advance. I feel good knowing now that I need to calendar out these things and have some planning skills.

Weirder yet though, is that after that test, and then one more quarter, I am done with my Teach for America commitment. In a few short weeks at Christmas break, I will be 75% done with my commitment to this program. That's a crazy thought. Now, back to work!

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