Friday, November 12, 2010

Fights, Insanity Ensues

Let me say this first, this fight comes from a different perspective. Having been here a year, I have had some experience with students at the high school, but nothing really prepares you for fights. Last year's big brawl was completely over my head, completely overwhelming, and completely shocking. This year, I was a little more prepared, kind of.

This morning we were loading our girls and boys onto the bus to go play basketball at the elementary. I see two students come out of the breakfast room cussing and dropping the n-word every other word. Throwing their arms up and obviously challenging each other to fight, they began to get a crowd. It was dispersed quickly by one of them being escorted away with teachers in toe. 

Well, then all hell broke out. They were brought to the office, and the one that ran off campus brought back a high school GRADUATE (yes, a grown man) back and his brothers. A boy stormed out of ALE, and the students in the office came outside - a huge fight ensued. State and local police came, arrested at least three people - including one in possession of cocaine, marijuana, and a concealed weapon. 

Then the following events happened; another fight between two girls over the same topic resulting in almost punches, an ALE student throwing a desk at the window, two students arguing and cussing at each other saying they had better watch their back tonight once it's dark outside in the hallway, the students in the original fight coming back to school at the end of the day to "take a walk around," special ed. student snapping and cussing out a teacher and fellow student about how his face was going to be unrecognizable if he didn't shut his mouth up. This is unfortunately not an exhaustive list 

And to top it off, the Principal and Dean of Students were not on campus at the end of this day.

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