Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday post - hump HORRIBLE

I thought the hump was on the downslop. Dude, Thursday was way worse.

Top 5 Bad:
1. Student saying "Shut the F*** Up, [Student]" & "You're a Bi***"
2. Students screaming at each other and being the only adult to even ATTEMPT to diffuse the situation
3. Student crying about their progress report grade
4. My car wouldn't start, again
5. Yikes, I'm complaining a lot this week.

I'm over it all. This time last year I would have taken this home with me and been angry for awhile. Probably would be rude tomorrow to those students, etc. Now, I just need to vent once (or twice) and I can move on. Happy about that.

And what else am I happy about? 5 weeks down! Happy Friday everyone!

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