Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bus Driver Training

Title of Session: Bus Driver Safety, The Unknown Threat of Terrorism
Topic: What to do when a terrorist threat comes up

Instructor: Sometimes we've got to deal with the mistakes of people before us. In 1980 there was this little thing called the Refuge Act. It allowed anyone who wanted to come here to come. Well, most of those people came from "militant countries," like Somali and the Middle East.

Me: Uh oh, this is not going the right direction.

Instructor: These refugees are terrorists. Did you know that there are 47,000 Somalians in Minneapolis, MN and over 25,000 Muslims in Deer Born, Michigan?  These terrorists could take over your bus at anytime. It's not what it used to be here, you're never really safe. They could have a gun, blow up your buss, tamper with the gas tank, send bad cookies.

This really happened. Seriously.

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  1. Sometimes this type of training proves fruitful too, one should be ready to face all the situations at any time.