Sunday, September 12, 2010

Screwing the Top

I just had a mini-panic attack. What about those students at CHS who are significantly higher then the other people? They are sitting in class being left behind from their competitive counterparts because their current class has such low learners that I have to attend to. Am I doing those students a huge disservice?

I think I might be. There are certain learners in my classroom that are significantly farther ahead of others. Especially the ones who should currently be in AP Literature pushing themselves, but were too lazy to do the work this summer. These students unfortunately got switched into my lowest learner classroom, so now there is a huge divide.

These are some of the strategies I think I will try to implement when working with them:
1. Pair them together either high/low or high/high
2. Provide them with additional work to do (aka on writing days they will do AP released items vs. other easier prompts)
3. Talk to them about the importance of reading higher level books or classical books

Any other thoughts?

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