Thursday, July 8, 2010

Visits Galore

Minneapolis here I am! How I have missed you so much! As I road into MSP a few days ago I immediately felt so nostalgic of a time that we will not have again. (College, damn). Catching up with old friends, frequenting some local eateries, driving around the first city I explored without family influence, ah, it's so nice!

I've been touring around and just hanging out. I'll be here for two weeks (well only 1 week left now), and time is flying. The people, the culture, the city vibes are great to be around. I have kind of forgotten what it is like to be around young people all the time. It kind of convinces me that I have to eventually working at a University of working in a city that is bustling with different types of things always going on. So, not rural, not small town.

Yes, I do like some of the things of living in a small town. But overall, I do not see myself settling in anything smaller then Milwaukee, in the end. Well, at least hopefully! I just love having something to do every night and being able to see different crowds at different places. So excited to be here!!!

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