Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2 Day CBB Challenge!

I mean, if we're in the mood for some challenges, I guess I'll make some more for myself. Remember how I told you that I was done with my Big Goal and Long Term Plan for the year? Well, maybe in my head I was, but now that I've looked at the TFA outline for how I am supposed to do my LTP and BG obviously I am not.

I have my "general goals" for the year done, but these documents actually make you think about what you need to do. Similarly, I have what I want to teach each quarter and what I think is important for my LTP but based on the document it was clear that "I want to teach this" is not good enough. At first I though, DAMN. Now, I've worked through the BG (DONE DONE DONE!!!!) and am about 45% into the LTP.

Now I can officially say (for 100% realsies this time) I have COMPLETED my BIG GOAL.

So the 2 Day CBB Challenge is: Finish your damn work and do the LTP. Oh, and work on that first unit assessment. Here it goes!

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