Monday, July 19, 2010

Some Light Reading

First day of AP training complete at AP Institute in Jonesboro, AR. So far, it's been allright. I mean, it's nice to be back on a college campus, nice to have a salad bar for the taking, have my own room in climate controlled dorms, but these are all things that are not happening in the classroom! So far in the actual classroom I haven't benefited a whole lot, except to be multitasking on other work I have to do for the school year.

I've started to journal a lot more of my plans instead of just sitting down in front of a computer and writing it out. It's been nice because it causes my plans to be more thought out, instead of hammered out in one setting.

But there is quite a downside to this whole process. I was supposed to have turned in all of my documents to my summer Program Director last week. Oops. I do have them done Teach for America! I promise, just not uploaded to the Google doc. Blahhhhhh I guess I should go do that.

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