Monday, July 19, 2010

Ist Year Woooos

Forgot to mention: I met a woman today who is starting teaching this year! She is in her mid thirties and used to be a photographer. Little does she know though, that her new school district is doing her a bit of an injustice. Look at this schedule she has (mind you, there are only 7 periods at her school and by law she is required to get a prep);

1. Pre-AP 10th grade English
2. Inclusion 10th English
3. AP Literature, 12th grade
4. 12th grade Inclusion, English
5. Drama
6. Speech

Crazy right? Imagine having to make 6 lesson plans every night in your FIRST year of teaching. Well actually, any year. It doesn't matter if you've been teaching for 10 years, that's a lot. And, if you have a bad lesson, you don't really learn from it for the next class, because you're teaching something different every period! Oye, sounds too stressful for my liking.

Good luck to her!

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