Thursday, November 12, 2009

Update: Powerful Positivity

To reflect on a previous post regarding positivity. It has been going really well in the classes that I truly commit to constant positive reinforcement. I have seen a huge change in a MAJORITY (not all) of students. Some have actually done complete turnarounds.

I have had to remind them that the point of getting stickers is a personal positive moment, not a competition--but either way it is doing its job. One in particular has really come alive. She used to just read silently (which is GREAT compared to others) but not truly show if she was comprehending what I would teach. Now I see that she absolutely was. She is a rock star! She was first to finish her sticker sheet and is already onto her next one. Awesome!

I've also seen the effects on my basketball team. With Jr. High I get so frustrated with their inability to stick to the plan and then I don't positively reinforce their behavior...and it just goes south. Today I realized that and did a complete switch on Sr. High, and they did really well. And I can truly see that they appreciate a semi-crazy coach always screaming that they're doing great/jumping up and down in heels. They make fun, but they always look over for that support, which is something I MUST do now. We are going to have a great atmosphere on that team. Now for the Jr. high....

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