Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh, Hey

I won my basketball games on Monday! Watch this video for our celebration song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2JfY-nVaqg

It's been a good week for basketball! The assistant coach and I talked it over, and he is going to take over the Jr. High team and I am going to take over the Sr. High team full time. That was now we don't split our energy between the two teams and it takes some pressure off of both of us. I am really happy with the outcome, and hopefully he is too! I feel bad because a lot of the football coaches are expected to coach more than two sports a year, and as a result they have to stay after school every night of the year (if they coach say football, basketball, and baseball). I am sure that gets super tiring, as I am already tired of constantly not getting home until 7PM.

I think this will work well though. He can coach these Jr. girls during the day, and then doesn't need to feel like he has to come to Sr. high after school. And I feel like I've been really half-a*sing that job because I am so worried about Sr. high -- and now it's not like that! Yay! Woot woottttt

Hopefully we'll let the good times roll...!

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