Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some of My Prouder Projects

Here are some examples of things I've been working on in my classroom/school wide. I am really proud of a few of these engagement/investment pieces. The first is my Student of the Week project. Each week (or about every 10 days) I pick a student for merit (behavior based) and statistics (grades based) and they get their picture on the wall with a little blurb attached. They also receive certificates.

The second project is the "Who are we here for?" board. We visualized graduation and you could choose one person to come (only one). Although I don't really think this is a super effective project for a school like my high school (DSHA) I think it is a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE project in C. A lot of my students have trouble 1. visualizing, 2. visualizing/feeling success, 3. valuing their successes, 4. prioritizing the steps to get to this success. When I did this project in class I actually had multiple students start crying, thinking about who is important to them, and why they are so. It was a great moment, and truly influenced the environment for at least a week (which in high school time is....well, eternity).

Finally, the last project was something I thought of before parent/teacher conferences. I made this banner that is about 15 feet in length that says "Why I love C HS." Then I passed around 1/2 sheets of construction paper that were different colors. On the paper students wrote the different reasons why they love C. I then hung this up in the hallway all the parents have to go down. Now it proudly hangs across the long side of my classroom. Love it!

Here are some photos!!!


  1. Yes! I love the call center reference!

  2. That's awesome! Ugh I need to work on this stuff myself. Want to come run my classroom?