Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's a funny progression we go through as a culture. We used to barely get Wednesday off the week of Thanksgiving...but so many kids wouldn't show up in the afternoon that we started having a half day. Then, because it was a half day the students wouldn't come at all, so we got Wednesday off completely. Now, because we have Wednesday off students leave early on Monday night, and Tuesday becomes a waste of a teaching day. Well, soon, if we get Tuesday off, everyone is going to complain....why don't we just make it a full week off?

Alas, Mississippi has completely given in (all Delta Corps are OFF already that live in MS). However, Arkansas is least some counties. My lovely roommates have this entire week off -- some went home Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Now there are only two of us left. The three who work in Stuttgart gone, one more to be gone tomorrow night, and me to be left in the house alone tomorrow night. HORRIFYING.

I am excited to go home though, see the family, friends, and relax. I am not as desperate as many down here, mostly because I went to Minneapolis a few weekends ago, and Milwaukee a few weekends before that. Those trips really broke up my Fall, and really made it bearable. Trust me, I am surrounded by desperate teachers....counting down the hours until they can get into their cars and rush to an airport. It's pretty entertaining actually. Either way, MKE will be great--can't wait to see it Wednesday night!!

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