Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stress Reduction

My adjustment here in the Delta has been easier than I thought it would be. Sometimes I get a little homesick or jealous of people who are still in school/live in MSP, but overall it's been okay. I am fortunate to have probably the best house in the Delta with the best roommates. This has made my life easier x 1,000. I really neglected to think about the impact the people you live with has on your stress levels and happiness. But, I appreciate it greatly here in Stuttgart.

I've been a little antsy on the weekends, hoping to do a wide variety of things. I think this is where my biggest struggle has come from. In Minneapolis I had the ease of driving to 10 different neighborhoods and going out in 5 different places with tons of different people from class, work, home, roommates, etc. Here you're pretty limited. Sometimes I have minor feelings of being trapped ...which is when I start to stress out. But, I've conquered it for the most part. I've just decided that I have to do things on the weekends like travel to see different friends, go to more major cities (Little Rock and Memphis), and just go out to different outdoors places. Arkansas lends it self to some beautiful sightseeing. Hopefully we can go hiking or camping before the wintertime (which isn't much of a winter anyway!).

I am a little jealous of Corps that are in major cities. They get the opportunity to still bond like we do, but also have that outside force that we don't have. We can meet locals here but everyone has known each other since childhood...and have a different scope that I do. Either way though, I have a great housing situation and great friends here in the Delta, so hopefully that will sustain me for the next two years. I am blessed!

Well, this is supposed to be the most difficult month for Corps members. October here I come.

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