Sunday, October 4, 2009

I've been slowing down!

I have slowed down significantly this week! I feel like I am being buried under a stack of papers and I may never get out...ahhhhh. I had the kids turn in their essays this past week and I haven't even started grading them yet. Ooops.

This is homecoming week at our school and I don't know how much I am going to get done overall, and what I should even plan as a result. The schedule is out of control! There are so many events, themes, lunches, people coming, etc. etc. I feel like 3 of the days I won't even have enough students to have a class. But, if I don't plan then they'll just sit there and we'll not get anything done or be productive in the least bit.

The new schedule in my classroom has been working out really well. The kids walk in and know exactly what to get out in preparation for the bell to ring (well at least 3/4 classes do). They are so automatic I am starting to really see the importance of consistency. If I keep this up the whole year I think the management problems will be minor and related to outside circumstances. It is when they have no direction and nothing to do that things start to get out of control. So in this case, I'll keep doing what I am doing!

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