Sunday, October 11, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

I love my kids, I like school, I like teaching English, but ahhhh -- I love the weekends. I was talking to my roommate about this and she said, "I feel kind of guilty living for the weekends." I've kind of gotten to that place too.

Today, as I am lesson planning for the week I keep getting distracted by my countdowns (Milwaukee: 4 days, Jackson, MS: 19 days, Minneapolis, MN: 24 days). Now, I'll break it down for you...those are all weekends. I am going to Milwaukee this weekend to see my family and for a wedding, Jackson for Halloween, and Minneapolis for Fall break.

Now, should I feel bad about this? Should I be looking forward to my kids each and every day? I don't know. I miss them over the weekends sometimes (sometimes, sometimes). Or, sometimes I think about what I am going to do with them each week for awhile while not lesson planning. I know I have a vested interest in them, but ahhh, those weekends are so nice. I wonder if that's what my teachers felt like when they had me.

I never realized that teachers have a life outside of the classroom when I was a student. Now, I get it, they are not robots that teach all of the time. They are not always planning for the students' lives. In fact, they have hobbies and interests just like the rest of us. I am not sure if I should feel guilty about these decisions, but alas, they are in fact what gets me through each week.

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