Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sleepy Saturday

It's been a crazy six months! This summer was one of the most fun experiences I've had, but also one of the hardest. All the work, travel, new spots, etc. were things I would never want to give up, but have made me forever sleepy. I woke up today at 5:30 AM...and forced myself to stay in the bed until 10 AM. It was glorious! I don't think I have legitimately slept in on a weekend in a REALLY long time, let alone two days in a row (I plan on sleeping lots tonight too!).

I remember a year ago when I would get up for my 9:05 class and thought I was doing the "early" thing in college. Man oh man, I miss that. I used to go to soccer and volleyball class MW at 9:05 and not have a legitimate class until that night. I used to work at a job with a bunch of college kids, doing something I was good at and enjoyed. I used to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday because shifts didn't start until mid-day.

Now, I get up at 5:30AM...and work until 6PM. Yay real world!! But, this isn't a complaint, I have LOVED the last six months, crazy as it sounds. Houston was INSANE. In fact I really miss Institute. The lesson planning and constant Teach for America brain washing was a. effective, b. influencing, c. inspiring, d. eye opening. I never realized the bubble I lived in and the bubble my life was!

The people I met were insane too. Surprisingly, I was apparently attracted to midwesterners', as they were the core of our group of friends. But beyond them we met people from all over the United States. We explored Houston (with the extra time we had), went to New Orleans, visited lots of Texas, and went around Mississippi and Arkansas. (Each new step...was a step into a state I hadn't been to yet!)

Now, three months later (and two months into teaching) it's been just as crazy in Arkansas. The culture, the people, the schools are so different from my experiences. I never know what is coming next, which has made life an interesting road.

I am going home to Milwaukee next weekend, and I am pumped to see my family and friends! I hope that I can remember all of the good times I've had in Arkansas so that I don't get super homesick after I go home!

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