Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Hobby: Walk and Talks

Over the past week I have picked up on a hobby my parents have been doing for a number of years; the walk and talk. It's refreshing, it's exercise, it's active, it's reflective. It's perfect! I'm kidding - it's not that great, but pretty good.

So while in Stuttgart, we've started our walk and talks with a group ranging from 4 across, to a single partner, to a telephone partner. I have really enjoyed it. I also have enjoyed walking on the track, it seems like you more easily lose track of the time you're walking (ie Hannah and I walked 4 miles and didn't even know it!). But back in Wisconsin, carless, I have walked around the neighborhood and that's been good too. I am happy with this hobby, and hope that it continues. I've walked to the mall, walked to the coffee shop, walked through the park, walked to the library. Pretty nice. I enjoy it.

 You know that awkward question you get in interviews, "So, what do you do outside of ____?" And you're like, damn, I don't know? Drink? Party with friend on the weekend? Oops. Never fear! Hobbies are here!

Current hobbies being considered; Blogging (duh, check!), walking (check!), scrap-booking (oohh, secrets), reading (see previous post about reading the top 50 books that appear on the AP Literature exam--I have 37 complete, working on number 38!), coaching (check!), ...and still drinking with friend (check!). I'm well on my way to mastering that interview question. Bring it.

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