Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Beginning Confirmed

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was offered a job, but I didn't go into much detail about it. I am still not going to, because I, myself, do not know much about it yet. But either way I am pretty amped about it.

I will continue to work for Teach for America next year, but in a different role; Program Director. In this position,  I "mentor," "supervise" 30-40 corps members that are both first and second years. I will participate in other parts of TFA too, including recruitment, matriculation, induction, and interviews. It's an amazing position and something I applied for thinking "oh well, I am never going to get this." I heard through the rumor mill that over 60 Delta corps members applied, so I am both excited that I got it and excited to hear who else got it from the Delta. I already know one, a fellow Stuttgart dweller, proving that Stuttgart is a TFA powerhouse.

I feel very lucky to have been considered for this position. I have felt, for the last two years, that I do things generally pretty well, but not exceptional. I see other CMs who are changing lives every day, and I sometimes think, "wow, I could be doing so much more." I have tried to do lots of different things for the kids, and for other CMs by teaching a course and mentoring some first years, but never felt like I was one of the standouts in my CM year here in the Delta. So, this is a great confirmation that I am doing some things right and that they see my commitment to the organization.

Now, the perhaps best part of this job; I am moving again to a new place. You're not going to believe where this Yankee is going.... TEXAS! And not even Dallas, Houston, Austin.... no, no, no I am moving very South. I am moving to the Rio Grande Valley. I am in fact closer to Monterrrey, Mexico than I am to San Antonio, Texas. Amazinggggggg. It's pictured in red below.

Can you believe it? If I go to visit my alma mater and best friends in Minneapolis, Minnesota I will literally be going border to border!

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