Sunday, June 13, 2010

Relentless Pursuit

Welcome, 2010 Mississippi Delta Corps Members!

I have heard such great things about this incoming group. We have literally gone from about 90 Corps members in the 2008 Corps, to around 300 in mine, and now an additional 300+ in the new Corps! What a great impact this is going to have!

A few of my friends hung around for Induction (their pre-Institute welcome) and had a great time. I am kind of jealous I wasn't there, but I was also pretty ready to come home! I heard my Principal was at Induction (which is awesome news!) and hopefully we bring home a few to C next year, since we need some more people in the Northwest Delta!

I remember one year ago this week, ooooh wee it was a stressful time. I was busy and had no idea what I was doing and about to step into my first teaching experience. Godspeed to all the newbies on these endeavors! Got to love it.

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