Friday, June 4, 2010

My Last Day

I am here! I made it, what a crazy thought. I am sitting in my completely naked classroom right now in the corner typing this. Similar to 8 months ago, when I took a video of this classroom (one of my first posts on the blog!), I am in a bit of a reflective mood.

What a year it has been. I've met some great people here at the high school, the elementary, and central office. C has been a welcoming community full of happiness and closeness. As we walked the halls that first day of school, it was an experience I will not forget. Kids staring at me...probably because I was new and everyone could tell. An "out of towner" if nothing else. Now, those same kids have come the last few days to say goodbye, take pictures, give cards. What one year can do for any individual is a great feeling.

My classroom has transformed into someone's leftovers to mine. The set-up, the colors, the furniture, it's all something I designed, something I worked at all year. There may be many hard parts about teaching, but what is great-is the freedom to be yourself through many forms of expression (actual teaching, designing, leading, involvement).

I've been lucky to have some of the best kids in the school. My junior class was a group of kids that are going places. We've never had this many proficient students, we've never had students attend ACT Academy, we've got kids going to MASH (a nursing program), a group of 10 at a government camp right now, and so many other positive things happening while I am away this summer. These positive leaps truly show what some involvement and research can do for a kid's life.

My parents did that research for me. These kids don't always have that option, and I am so happy that there are people here at CHS that are willing to take that place and find some great opportunities. Let's make some stacked activity lists for these colleges next year! My juniors are going to rock the real world!

Peace out 2009-2010 school year. It's been real.

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