Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weather and Mood Correlations

Have you ever noticed when it's raining, or it has been a too long winter, that everyone is in a more sour mood? It's a predictable trend and works the opposite directions as well. Today is a beautiful day, reaching about 65 degrees and I am in an inherently happier mood as a result.

We started softball practice this week which is nice for a few reasons. First, because of this weather trend I just mentioned. I get to spend much time outside getting some fresh air. And for me, it's a little like an addiction, because the more time I spend outside the more I want to spend the whole time outside. A nice advantage to moving down from the North! Second, I am enjoying softball greatly because I am not the head coach! Hanging out with the girls, coaching on skills and tactics, and then walking away without the pressure on your shoulders is a nice little change I think. Boom!

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