Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Test Prep Begins

MY END OF COURSE EXAM IS IN 3 WEEKS. OH NO!!!! I AM SO NERVOUS!!!! I hope these kids have learned something. Tomorrow we start straight test prep until the exam the second week of March.

We are going to be consistently doing reading comprehension strategies three times a week, essay practice once a week, and grammar another day. Each week we will go over the released item in class, then give them time to work on it, then review the answers. It is going to be intense and so repetitive for the kids. And....I am not sure if it is going to be effective. But, hopefully yes!

I have been integrating a lot of the strategies throughout the year so hopefully some of it will come naturally for the students at this point. It’s an interesting process, this teaching thing! Sometimes I can see results immediately, sometimes I never see results. It’s a constant learn and relearn methodical process for myself and for students. I always wondered why we learn world history every year for seven years throughout 1st-12th grade. I get it now though.

It’s the same reason why I am teaching Lord of the Flies in 11th grade while the 7th grade teacher is teaching it as well. It’s because there are different levels of learning that come with learn and matriculation.

Wish me luck! This is the first EOC of the year (kind of ridiculous since so much of school’s succes relies on Literacy scores...). It’ll be a wait afterwards to see if we can successfully move backwards in the State takeover process. I think we can do it.

I really love my kids and I think they work hard - so hopefully this will pay off!

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