Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Teach for America Training

My training thus far has been excellent. I mean really, who thought I'd be teaching a group of 11th graders this time last year? Who thought I could command basketball teams filled with pre-pubescent and pubescent (I'm not sure who's worse) girls? Who thought I'd be able to create effective lesson plans (is that the correct use of effect/affect ;))? All of these things are a result of much training from TFA, and well I guess experiences of preparation.

These experiences this year have been really eye opening. Really though, I think I am invincible! Travel alone to a foreign country? Yes! Interview for jobs clearly above my skill set? Yes! Approach professionals that would otherwise be intimidating? Yes! Ask for money from strangers to help my children achieve? Yes! These things are cake compared to standing in front of the kiddies (monsters) each day without knowing what is EVER coming. Really though, they are pretty unpredictable.

Okay, so I know I am not really invincible but I do think I am capable of much more than I previously thought. I've always had to work hard for jobs, etc. blah blah blah...but this is slightly different. Moving into a new community, not know anyone, teaching when I never knew how to do that, attempting to reverse a pattern that has been going on for years, and walking away at the end of the day to a remote/country area without many outlets. These are the burdens that the Mississippi Delta Corps members endure, but endure well. In fact, I would say that the verb endure is incorrect. I would go as far to say that thus far we have embraced this experience. Said, "Yes! I'll live in this double wide trailer," "Yes, I'll stay after school to coach/tutor/mentor/baby sit," "Yes! I will travel hours to see my friends and legitimate cities."

This is something that is inspiring and something that I need to keep a constant perspective on. I can not forget that I am surrounded by people that do that every day, and that is worth each hard day at work.

p.s. maybe I'm just saying this because we've had a four day weekend with two snow days in a row.... tomorrow I might not feel as inspired! :)

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