Thursday, February 18, 2010



Today we got the results back from the Target II test (a test that prepares us for the End of Course Exam). The results were promising, promising, promising.

Now, to put this in context. Each year the state increases the number of students they expect to be proficient or advanced proficient on the exam. A lot of funding and state takeover depends on literacy a result English classrooms (two total, me-first year, chad-literacy coach/AP) is pretty consistently under the microscope. Now, I am a huge proponent for I love feedback and I love to have a lot of collaboration. With this has come some great gains in the classroom.

To have the school digress from year 5 of takeover 67.75 students are to score proficient on the exam. This basically breaks down to 32 out of 46 students must reach this goal. For instance if only 26 students reach the goal we are "okay" and considered to be in "safe harbor," because we have improved so greatly from the previous year.

Here's the math:

1. Last year 13 students scored proficient (28%)
2. That percentage of a score was an IMPROVEMENT (big enough) that we were able to stay in safe harbor for this year (so not move from year 5 to year 6)
3. THIS YEAR, to go backwards to year 4...we need to reach 67.75%.
4. based on the past Target II test we are at 59% (28 out of 46 students)
5. FOUR students were within 5% of scoring proficient
6. With those four students, and the 28 that already reach goal, we would be at 69.5%!!!!!!!


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