Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Swine Flu and Salem, MA

It's been raining cats and dogs the last two days. It's CRAZY! The roads here are two lane highways to and from everywhere, so it's been a bit of a problem getting my little car to handle this water. I hydroplane more than I ever thought possible. Today I was pulling out of hte driveway and I hydroplaned...ridiculous, right?

The rainy days have effected the students and teachers alike here in C, AR. Swine flu has been going around (with confirmed cases in the school, town, county, state). There have been six deaths, I believe, as of last Friday. Hopefully none since then.

But as a result we have gone into hyperactive mode! Eeeekss, students must get a squirt of Germ-X on the way in the door and on the way out. Students are sent home immediately even if they feel "hot." I even heard a rumor that if 2 more people are confirmed to have swine flu...that school will be canceled? Can this even be true?

As you can imagine it has caused mild hysteria...whatever that means. Students coughing everywhere, students snapping at anyone who has a cough "YOU GOT SWINE FLU GET OUTTA MA FACE," teachers won't eat in the lunchroom or the staff lounge, etc. I guess I am pretty suceptible to it. I see about 70 students a day in classes, plus all the others I say hi to, and the staff. But really everyone? Are we all just never going to breathe or touch again?

Maaaybe I am starting to feel sick too...or is that just mass chaos? It's kind of entertaining, since we're reading "The Crucible" right now, which is all about little girls convincing a town (Salem, MA) that there are witches. Is the same happening right here? But with SWINE flu?


  1. Did you try putting Sub. into 4x4 mode? I'm sure it could handle anything when it's in all wheel drive. Com'on, it's the Sub. Apparently there is something going around here that people in their 20's are most susceptible to....I just hope it doesn't hit me. Keep those germs away and stay strong and healthy.

  2. A. Hydroplaning out of YOUR driveway? What?!
    B. The way you typed "... ridiculous, right?" made me MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!
    C. Please don't get swine flu and die.
    D. I've decided my kids are being conditioned to become mindless Recall Robots and that I am going to do everything in my power to stop the process and steer them toward the light of Critical Thinking.
    E. Lyndsey and I are probs going to Hooters tomorrow. Because we can.