Monday, September 7, 2009

Holy Out of Control

Friday was the first football game, as I mentioned in a previous post. The game was great, the fans were packed in, the team performed amazingly well (and beat Brinkley-Woohoo!). My students played great especially one or two that I need to point out on Tuesday! The team looked great and so did the fans.

There was unfortunately an incident at the game. There is some tension at the school between the hometown students and some students from a school that was consolidated with C(and therefore the students were forced to go to my high school). It came to a head at the game were there was a bit of a scuffle with two people, one junior and a former student.

They were walking towards me and all of a sudden I noticed some raised voices and quick moving crowds about 10 feet away from me. I was a little shocked at how quickly everything happened after that. They were coming in my direction and all of a sudden one kid just threw a punch and it was on. Within 10 seconds I had jumped out of they way just in time as they got tackled right behind me. Then there was like 15 students and alums fighting, punching, kicking, etc. I guess the scariest part came text when one of my current students picked up the chair I had been sitting in and started slamming it over someone's head over and over.

So disturbing. I was so shocked, I had no idea what to do. I yelled at that students to stop and tried to get at him, but then I just stopped because it was out of control. Within about a minute there were about 6 police officers grabbing people, etc. It stopped briefly as they started kicking people out but then about five minutes later one of the guys got free and started another fight. There was someone stabbed and generally just a FREAKED OUT crowd. (or at least I was)

I don't even know what to think about the situation. My students really freaked me out, that such a nice and controlled kid in class could pick up a chair and violently slam it on someone's head. The fury that was on his face and showed in his body was out of control. I really had to check myself and realize I don't actually know these students well at all. I may feel some connection to them or whatever, but really, I need to put some perspective on it. Oyeee

Sadly the football game was pretty much overlooked because of the incident. I wonder what it is going to be like tomorrow at school and what I will do in class about it. I already told all of my basketball players that if I see them fighting ever, they're done. We'll see I guess.

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