Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Invisible Line

These kids are insane in the membrane. And sadly I can't stop laughing at them. You know they have told us to be strict and to reprimand ....don't let the small things go. But what if they are funny? I mean these students are out of control sometimes I just can't stop laughing.

For instance, today a student came sprinting at me from across the parking lot yelling my name as loudly as possible. Every student was staring at us...I thought I was about to get beat up. And then out of NOWHERE he just stops about 2 inches from my face (he's about a foot and a 1/2 taller than me) and says "What up Coach Butler...can I be your basketball team manager?"

All I could do was laugh. It's like these kids have this invisible line that they don't cross with teachers...but the thing is that line IS INVISIBLE. It does not exist. Like you can slam chairs into people's head, jump kids in the parking lot, cuss students out, etc. etc., but if I say "STOP TALKING RIGHT NOW," they all stop.

Like, WHAT? That to me is amazing. It was true when I was in high school too. I mean, I am not complaining by any means....I'd be screwed beyond screwed if I didn't have that "power." But, I think it is something important to really consider as it illustrates that desire to please and that desire to conform at some level to societal expectations. The inconsistencies are obviously there, some students as soon as they step outside of this building are a different being. Something I will never be able to tap for many of them, but for others that being can be influenced, I hope!

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