Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This week has been going allright (I mean it's only Tuesday!). We had professional development on Saturday for Teach for America and it really helped me refocus my efforts in English. I always have trouble getting lost in the moment and teaching the material that I want to do that day...instead of focusing on the long term. As a result, some of the objectives I taught in the past few weeks have gotten lost in the mess.

I worked on a schedule and I think it is BOMB.COM. I am teaching writing on Monday, grammar on Wednesday, and reading comprehension on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Now I have a "Bell Ringer" or "Do Now" for each day (a quiz three days, free writing in a journal two) and have that focus picked out. Then the homework will be the same each week so I think the students will be able to get on a sinked schedule.

What's really nice too is that I made posters for each of these things. So now students can see what they are doing each day and what homework they are doing for each night...and they have no excuse not to do it. Yay! Hahaha Right, like that will stop some of them?

I think this will be more successful. Sometimes I get annoyed that I have to give up my time on Saturday professional development, but in the end it is always much needed help. I should probably do it everyday.

Also, tomorrow I am teaching grammar (on schedule!) and the lesson is about "words you can say with your friends, but not in a paper." It's going to be great, I am making them right a paragraph with the incorrect words, then trade and translate another student's work. Fun lesson!


  1. Oooh...I really like your lesson title! : ) Go figure that I would enjoy that, right?

    Miss you boo.

  2. I must say, as a more general statement, I love getting to read posts such as this one you put up. It's really interesting to see your thought process and super awesome to actually see through your words when you learn a new personal lesson and gain that new piece of insite. I've really enjoyed reading your blog and watching you grow. Even better I'm UBER pumped to see you this weekend!!!!!